by Menthol Slim

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released April 13, 2014

Featuring rappers:
Reb RyT, Digital Gor3, Lerdywise, Tribe of Shapes, DobeyDob, Lil Black Fist, and deadlyboy

Featuring Production by:
Menthol Slim Sharpe Music, Malice Dubz and Stoghammer




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Menthol Slim Toronto, Ontario

Getting high making beats and spittin nonsense cause fuck it.

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Track Name: My Place
bitch im takin you home, ima stick this shiv, and im rapin the hole,
ye guna get this dick or im breakin the nose, i got the sick slick shit tripple six in the dome,
no naw know you wont be alone, because i got your big sis, i know you thot she was gone,
but see we had six kids, no mistakin it though, i gave the bitch slit wrists, i was rapin a hoe,

she was good at fakin it tho, else id tie that grind fry that ages ago,
but she saw me try my knife at eight of em tho, so she was eager for the beaver when i was bakin a hoe,
that shit its my ace in the hole, cause if she ate the face of little kate her brain is just wrong,
now she take a crap be tastin thats the state of her, oh, and thats the fate for you my date there aint no waitin for long,

so while you wait why dont ye roll me a spliff, and yo hey go lace it with some dope and the dip,
cause i havnt had a hit since saw you takin a piss, and i just got a bad habit and im startin to twitch,
hey girl u kno u get rollers rights, u better start that spark that hurry and light,
ye kno relax n hit the dip get ye trippin tonight, cause there aint no fun in gettin some if bitch doesnt fight

oh by the way we almost back at my place, we almost half way there and im happy to say,
that most the bitches that i visit just get rope and a blade, tho still i carry issue wit the hope in her face,
but it seem this dip is getin its hold, ima get yo feinin for wet and the dope,
see your sisters hooked on it like ye never did know, and it worked real good till the bitch gone and broke,

dont worry she is practically dead, im so mean that there aint nothing left,
only time she speak is when she askin for wet, her future pretty bleak the bitch is traped in her head,
so wont you please put her out misery, so that we can both feed and then i own you for keeps,
and its kinda for the best bitch is fuckin goofy, she keeps on tryina bang her head and tryina tast the dooky,

movin on it seems your startin to trip, now time to drag yo whore ass by the arm to my crib,
the more you fight and bite the more im lovin the shit, and if u play the cards just right could avoid my oven ye bitch,
and to the left is were im cuttin the shit, get too loud better know ye tounge will get ripped,
you can ease this hell keep eatin well, less beatin maybe see a film no bleedin bring the demons out, by cuttin your sis,
Track Name: Your Room (Prod. Sharpe Music)
welcome to my home its ugly and im lone,
no money but i bone them druggies in my room,
they fugly but i kno they lovley when im on,
the fluffy and rummy oxy and burbon,

bummy from bein so broke from the go,
mommy was pleadin to let the rent go,
so dont blame me for stealin or sellin the blow,
no pay in just bein a schizo negro,

welfare dont cover bout half of the meds,
so the end of the month i be bathin in red,
like im mac to the ten and the mac is my freind,
im searchin for ways not to cap in my head,

but nigga it seem that the shit just get worse,
im begginin to see that the slim likes to hurt,
and really its me who would rather prefer,
to see you be free but the slim needs desert

(id love to let you go home, but slim is fuckin crazy, he needs pussy, and he needs that pussy to be hurt sorry,)

this is the dungeon were u gunna stay,
at the first of the month you will be aokay,
but slim will take over when script goes away,
so at so couple weeks later expect me to rape,

now i cannot promis that you will be safe,
im being honest my freinds are all apes,
sadistic mad as shit all love the yay,
and i rent out bitches for minimal pape,

venomous realist shit, febrell thats feverish,
for the kill feelin it, animal steal a bitch,
promiscuous, into the sickness of,
rippin up bitches love, stickin my dick in cuts,

you should kno most of em socio fucks,
i am the nicest face out of the bunch,
slim will knife a bitch just for the fun,
atleast when im doin it bustin a nut,

(no for real that niggah scares me)

later tonight all my homies come by,
you gunna fuck em while we all get high,
if you behave maybe gonna you fly,
and rewards with cig that was dip in the hyde,

girl realize that this shit is your life,
your world revolves around dick and a high,
it is horrible you dead if you try,
to go an escape or go findin place to go hide,

when niggas come by aint no tears in your eyes,
cause i put a coat hanger on stove for like five,
so if i catch bitches tryin to cry ima
have to get raw and burn marks all up in your hide,

spark up a spliff and just get a good buzz,
cause i want you to have some legitimate fun,
you aint goin home less its urn or a truck,
cause i aint go to jail and get raped in the butt,
(nah nigguh)
Track Name: Skitzo Tarp Rework (Co- Prod. Malice Dubz and Sharpe Music)
and im on that sherm,
so i yank that perm,
then i watch her squerm,
while i roll and burn,

nigga im on the honor roll, for serial killin im on a roll
i pick yo bitch up dick yo bitch up, put remains in an envelope,
nigguh, chain smokin wet my mind is gone,
im off the edge my concious dead, im bout to go and find a rope,

take a hit of this feelin sick in the mind, smokin on a dip what it is, is it mine,
goin tripple six sickle sick in the rhyme, knowin all of this at the price of the mind,
goin septic never fine, sniff on the line, get ye neck slit if ye think that im lyin,
smokin on that shit that will make ye wanna dine, on a bitch side of fish wut a dish double fried,

most menacin henderson, eating yo reverend, goin in gettin it, again and i end a bitch,
rendin the flesh and im makin a mess of it, dunno wuts next but i guess ill have sex with it,
pushin her buttons im makin her cry, pin point the pupil im poppin her eye,
poppin some percs while she waitin to die, puttin more pressure im takin whats mine,

i dont give a fuck wut i did to your daughter, keep em from the park thats kids to the slaughter,
it is what it is but im sick not a martyr, think that you harder? been goin farther,
sink under water, stick couple bricks on ye kicks cause you swallow, ye fake ass follow,
never heard my tracks, u a clone not a model, pretend to have my back, u aint help u a problem

I am an island, i am an iron man, i will anihilate everything that i can,
i am a nihilist, i am just high as shit, fuckin wit me leads will to ye eyelids slit,
no inhibition im puttin my mind to it, eatin the brains is a good source of niacin,
fry up some pidgeons and eat it with side of bitch, clean up the stain from the cuttin of thighs and


Bitch what.. what are you.. i told you sit in the corner and stay out of my shit
(please dont hurt me)

all i really want is a hit of the jay, maybe wit a side of a bitch to fillete,
hit in the ribs n the bitch scream abit, but she tripped when she ask can i get on the yay,
slim never share with a bitch on a date, less its the k and and the shit lead to the rape,
even then know that a bitch gotta pay, wit the skin cause the slim never give only take,

attack when they nap i sneak in threw the back, attack with an ax so the brains i can snack,
takeing it back to my place i can wrap, then im makin some toys i can place on my lap,
porkin the poodle and punchin the hoe, biting the bullet ive broken her nose,
propose the pistle to push out her woes, then put on some pressure and cranium blows,

all i wanna do is find another victem, see me with a napsack know ima get some,
see black mask know that ima get one, hit her wit the gat smack, its fun,
hit one slip one, rip one fist one, get her wit a left hook gimp how i get some,
leave her locked up basement while i get bun,give a bitch a face lift when a wrench swung,

I am a narcassist, i just go hard as shit, im an arssonist blowin up cars and shit,
i go the farthest bitch, lickin a martian clit, either that or the bitch have all her parts with

hatin on women and now tryna part her ribs, beggin to stop but she shouldn't have started shit,
serial killin u know im an artist bitch, cutin up bitches to make an new cardigan.

Bitch, tell me your name, i said tell me your name bitch,
ye damn right.
Track Name: Torture Chamber Feat Reb RyT
(Menthol Slim)
Welcome to the tripple six slick shit, were i get sickle sick bitch,
take two blades make two slits in two wrists watch you drip,
if you think wont do it, thats down right stupid,
off the wet rippin pooses, off the meds feelin ruthless,

she screamin its useless, mouth leakin with mucous,
open cuts like it up bust a nut, then i glue it,
she screamin i'm feedin her semen she pleadin,
only listen to demons, meaning,

When i get that wet cigarette hear laughs break necks,
take an ax make two halfs, rape retape the rest,
im that next door, necro, follow were death go,
sociopathic, drug addict wanna have at it?
lets go,

My day to day make Norman Bates look A-Okay
grab a razor blade and i take her face and i make her taste
the AK call it spray and play
Run off in the night gag ball and a knife tech tied to the right,
first eyes that i slice cause i stay outta sight when im takin a life,
find a bitch with some fight cause i like when they bite,

(Reb RyT)
Menthol Slim wow, Reb goes in now
lift the sheenin guillotine and heads roll quick down
evident my mental’s sick, at least it’s attached though
cheap laughs definite, but weepin for some cash flow

greed grabbin indefinite, grippin the shifty masters
fleabaggidy, pessimist, stiff upper lipped assholes
guess again, perception is like steppin in a black hole
^never quit to question past’s effect, can’t get back home

Beat retarded from me spittin at his cap yo
chromosomes missin’ already from chrome bats, dome
messy like confetti spaghetti, so bashful
trash talk? Naw smash skulls of Eddie Haskells

leave it to Beaver all the cleavers and heat
I’m pure blunt and I’m not talking weed or my speech
turn up degree of the heat, growlin seein my teeth
burn the fucker, he killin the sound, this beat is deceased

(Menthol Slim)
The pcp got me hungry i creep these streets looking to eat
wanna sink my teeth into some meat so your room i sneak find you asleep,
i be huntin and cuttin and poken the guts in,
token and fuckin dead bodies aint nuthin,
tricken the bitches to drinkin the drugs in,
it kick in they twitchen take em to my (dungeon)

Loosely qualifies as sushi, even if u catch a fucking fish with couple roofies,
watch you sleep,
stake knife its dinner night, take life i skinner right, im sick as shit i rip the shit then stitch a bitch call it flesh light,

(Rebel RyT)
gorilla the type, rippin' an eye from a socket, billiard guy
callin shots, retina side pocket, cough it up
little blind, this hand is mine, chopped it, watch it clock
killin time, imagine Ry often, got it locked wit

Mouthfuls of awfully ostentatious hatred
Awesome arguably rawest sadist language
Driver to the face bitch, off flip the brain switch
hospital coma, they say golf gives ya patience
Track Name: Skinny Mint
fuck i hate that nigga slim, the nigga fuck wit me again,
he seem addicted to the sin, the shit is hard cause he my freind,
it seems he sick carcinogen, a fuckin poison to my head,
how long can this keep on goin fore i force feeding that nigga lead,

wakin up next to dead, sleep walkin he fed and fed,
stayin up instead of bed, stayin up excederin,
ectetera, i think theres price upon my head,
i sleep with knifes ready for when, the fuckin cops start breakin in,

naw, fuck that pussy shit, i aint goin out like bitch,
naw nigga cant take out the slim, right,
sick life sick mind, sick like, ebola or sids might,
razor blade some nips nice,

im gutteral, ill gut u all fore im gunna fall im gunna ball,
make yo bitch go suck mah balls, make some slits fill semenal,
rip some ribs then under all, rinse my dick under bloody falls,
i be commin i dont want no money ya'll this shits just too funny ya'll

i never ment to hurt no body, (yes you did,)
nigga im just sad all the time, niggas mad all the time, fuckin sad all the time always mad all the time,

slim it seems i had enough, im tired of this bad luck,
dodging cops and grand blunts, the shit thats cut with bad stuff,
the mint he want a life of own, and tired of the coprses sowen up,
was numb but now im startin throw up, cant watch the sins of what my own done,

like roam son, cold one, done and shot a hooker wit her own gun,
takin bitches back for some home fun, were i chopped her wit an ax then i boned one,
rippin a bitch up then i phoned son, sent the nigga pictures of his own mum,
told him she was stripper till i toked up, then my dick got little bigger and i choked her,

cryin lil nigga what a joke bruh, you missin bigger picture let me show ya,
menthol not that evil if u know what, is mental bout the reagal who done own ya,
all the cops and politicians, kill more kids then all the shit you written,
niggas call you twisted but they warship them like they bishops,

calm your self i be on that hard shit, regardless these niggas actin godless,
best to be a villian cleanin up the garbage, then some fuckin filth actin who be like he flawless,
honest, slim the fuckin hardest, on the block i gaurd it,
got it the bomb shit ,but fuck around nigga we armed bitch, sinkem we on it,
Track Name: Respect Yoself Feat. Digital Gor3 & Lerdywise
all u fuckin rappers sound the god damn same,
like gucci gucci, loui loui hoopty and a chain,
but non of ya'll could do me if that you could read my brain,
if you go and try it know that you is gonna hang,

all of ya'll bars they be spat wit strain,
and non of ya'll hard you just trip off caine,
chasin all that paper you a god damn slave,
and ima call you nigga till act damn sane,

you know the fuckin white man he be callin you a waste,
cause we got these rappin niggas wit tatoos up on they face,
knowin all you gotta do is pump that 808
and a notha dumbass nigga is gonna go ape,

no i aint racist and its not self hate,
but it seem more of my brothas act like flava flave,
just givin them excuses just to spread they hate,
and i know that MLK turnin over in his grave,

Digital Gor3
Track Name: Dank Jank (Prod. Stoghammer)
slim goin in its a sin how the jank hit,
bank clips, dank hits, cant test the krank bitch,
hated abrasive the jank underrated,
wait bitch face it, we bad when we slay shit,
thats it, acid, nigga you dont have it,
i be smokin all this sherm i might aswell be rabid,
thats it, dabs bitch, i just wanna stab shit,
never stop between the pops and killin im an addict,

villian on the beat hammers ham when on the rhyme,
killin on the street dont give a fuck just way to grime,
cold as fuckin sleet im droppin heat you droppin dimes,
sheep you be asleep, we bring the jank and fuck yo mind,
(all the fucking time?) All THE FUCKING TIME,
beats they hit so hard its called a military crime,
we blowin out the underground its called a fuckin mine,
jank so fuckin dank it goes fo 20 on the dime,

Real nigga brain power activate
(bitch nigga)
real nigga brain power activate jank

niggas over dosin on flows, like this shits so dope,
feinds will put it up they nose, just to keep from bein cold,
all our beats origional, we bring the heat your shit is stole,
try to copy me you know we beat you in your home,

tie you up and razor blade the nips, fillete you and your bitch,
ima rape you and your kids, and dont make me get the fist,
cause the black aint lil bitch, kno the crew dont play no shit,
and kno menthol is mental sick,

smokin so much weed that i sweat THC, i eat all the Vs and the weak emcees,
dont come for me cause i beat on a beat comfortbly till i wanna call it king rodney,
not an og, but im holdin o's g, i will kill a nigga for his cheerios see,
know the slim is sick like venereal disease, im killin wit the villians on a serial spree,
Track Name: On Some (Prod. Sharpe Music)
tokin on that shit, wanna choke anotha bitch, then i throw em in the ditch, cause im on some,
primo fuckin wet, love ta dip a ciggarete, then feelin like im dead, cause im on some,
twisted psycho shit, michael might go fight yo bitch, when i knife hoes just fo kicks, cause im on some,
on some, fuckin awesome.

niggas just dunno me, im the type to knife my hommies, i just like it when my hoes bleed, it just feels right to slice the overies,
see the drugs they hold me, they my freinds and fucking own me, they tell me death and horror stories, in my head im fucking vorhees,

i be huntin for that snack, cuttin they ass fast, they runnin i grab that, no gunnin i slash that,
see me wit black mask, get em wit gat smacks, hearin the fap fap, when im peelin ur cap back,
(gnarly sounds)bangin on dat gash, im wranglin then manglin organs hangin out ass crack,
stranglin and hangin em up wit no delay and im aimin the guns fillete and im rapin em wut, yea thats that,

i pop molly, i just probly, will go out to grave rob bodies,
i'll just party, i start carvin, rip the shit out this bitch im starvin,
im sick as shit sepsis my hobby, rinse the bitch for this dick embalmin,
dip the cigarrete quick get naughty, slit the bitches neck dat hot toddy


bitch i aint your homie cause i smoked you on the OG, ima fuck you like you owe me, make it hurt because im lonely,
im like razor blade the booty, shit u aint done knew me, ima save the blood for lubing up my dick and then im bruisin,

some organs from mormans, when i see the blood pourin, i be cummin till sore then, sellin the gore film,
see chitlins i lure them, maybe trickin like four of them, and im makin them gorgeous when filletin the foreheads,
(stop cry) but i fuckin ignore it, say its fuckin important that you sit and absorb it,
start perfectin the horror, make confection from whores and, get to evil shit that makin crowley look borin,

look i aint sorry, bout the way i raped your daughter but she had a nice body,
and i would have been a father but i started up carvin, up the uterus, what are you to us but a target for harming,
it might be alarming, but the truth of the fact is that you cannot catch
the nigga with a mask when he huntin for bodies, cause a nigga too fast know this shit is my hobbie,
Track Name: Bad Pie Feat. Reb T
(Menthol Slim)
pop a couple v and i get that buzz like,
roll a couple trees i aint yet touched right,
shrooms is hittin, room gets spinnin,
hit the spliff and seem the walls get twitchen

reb slim killin, fire up the vapor,
six of them yellows they aint doin me no favors,
all i see is tracers, breakin out the razor,
hit another line and im hearin shit in phasors,

this is outter space, this is my home state,
and if you try to keep my pace kno you mind get raped,
cause all the shit i take, is enough to melt the face,
it will make a nigga break, still i rhyme okay,

nigga bring your written, we guna rip that shit,
you a slave to a game playin tic tac bitch,
tryina get some fame thinkin get cash quick,
thats a god damn fuckin shame thinkin thats rap shit,

(Reb T)

Habitat infested wit the hand of business
and the land’s caressed, I can’t stand this shit
half pass aggressive, rat’s ass not given
grab a flask of Red mixed with acid hits

broke glass reflection but it fools me,
no vocab discretion, get unruly
don’t know when I dressed in this two piece
now I just wanna rest cause my head’s getting screwy

Two of these Old Es, now my knee’s folding
goin on hour three, pulsing,
sound I see, hopefully sound asleep
but I think I’m roamin through the streets

Is it truth or dream?
Nothin but computer screens?
clueless me, the sky blue or green?
I aint even wanna know truthfully

(Menthol Slim)
from the hit of the yay seems my shit gone and fray,
anyway gunna play out the beat and i spit like a beast,
wit the way that i sheeth, nother verb i release razor emcees,
they the words that i mean they absurd but you see,
in a world that is me, meaning world that i see,
is a pearl that is beat, from the herds on the street,
to the birds runnin scenes, they the worst

see the words i speak, you get hurt for these,
say it on tv, meet the black list b.
be an actress be fuckin plastic,
meet all them actors feel so fantastic,

nig do a backflip, bitch make a baskete,
ban spittin acid, spam shitty rappin,
niggas tryina figure why the man keep attackin,
man keep on stackin iran to gadaffi,

(Reb T)
Beat shook the ground, it’s Slim, just know it
Woke from the sound in the gutter, I’m soakin
kick when you down, snare punches like “Smokin”
cymbal in mouth tear it up like Joker

MS iller than Multi Sclerosis
Bill Gates skill, but a poet of the Morbid
Flow rips, Canada Chicago mix, coldness
Wind from the spit hits, peel skin, grotesque

Winter in this city got old like Oprah,
still warm mics, pot roast I’m f l oa tin
roll right don’t bitch, pull switch, holdin
Told twice don’t twitch, skull sliced open

Ry pulls tricks like Old Spice showmen
Eyeballs switched with some bovine gonads
Sold irises to my guy in JApan
Only got a five and a fly back home? damn

(Menthol Slim)
aint no gain from god fearin asshole,
fuck gettin lost in the shit cant tackle,
everyhing surreal like im shit from a blackhole,
pop another pill till i fade into black go,
half way back to the base then i double,
hit on the jay just to face notha level,
grit my teeth while i play with the devil,
kill next beat with main nigga rebel,

(Reb T)

Land in America Japan, hysterical
6’4” character, in short, I’m apparent
Stare straight ahead while I stand in Osaka
ghost town status, abandoned in context

lines don’t slice? Then it’s shrapnel contact
Bet that’s a bomb threat, track’s atomic
Master of phonics, hooked right on it
Look Mike Foxed em, shook like Mobb did

reelin in ears no book like knowledge,
and no catchy hook, they already took your wallet wit a
polished product bought in bought it
then watched em fall and you hoped for slaughter ?

fucked up but I’m the one tryin society?
piss poor decisions but eyein some irony
Might be the high in me so back to square one
Just an experience, I rap to share em
Track Name: Six Six Sick Feat. deadlyboy
(menthol slim)

six six sickle sick,
sick shit tripple six,

smoke on the dip and the shit get to slow,
motion thats it feel a shift in the flow,
numb to the pain of the days come and go,
and im one with the hate that done made me a ghost,

fillete me a hoe make a new hole,
rapin her taste from the brain to her mouth,
makin a waste of an angel unknown,
cause im made for the ways of those waitin for more,

not waitin for more like good pay and a car,
like waitin for day i be famous for raw,
front page of the star say slim fuckin hard,
he take two stakes and slayed half a block,

no savin em all, he's makin em call,
say the last good byes to your face and your paps,
cause im way to high off the yay and the salts,
now its about that time for ye face to come off,

like its sick o'clock, slim gonna knock,
if you aint sick wit your fists or a glock,
kno the slim kill ye sis ma ye kids and ya paps,
make em lick off drips from my shive and ye watch,

then im rinsin it off while them shits gonna rot,
then i chop that shit heres your gift in a box,
e-mail pics of that shit to the cops,
cause the slim dont give no shits bout the cops,

like lobotomized niggas instantly,
theres alot on mind, nigga its a feast,
im a young nigga cannible and im sick for meat,
when im rawhide lit nigga instant beast,

im that half black cat who done rip the meat,
and when i grab that ax and i grit my teeth,
you better back track fast cause im sick of me,
so best crash back at were a bitch should be

Fuck I think I'm going crazy, too much beer and now is my eye is lazy
Only one's dialating, vision getting blurry and now time is fading (time is fading)
My mind is racing (mind is racing) waiting for the rye to take me
Colt 45 is the virus lately take another one down to annilate me
I'm a nihilist and I'm high as shit so when it hits the fan you know what time it is
I'm a different man than the guy who spent 20 fucking years trying to tie a bitch
I ain't lying bitch so don't try me with all that stupid shit all that piousness
Why you crying this should just tie in with what heard about going in the Lion's den
Are you a lion then? Can you fucking hang? Would you rather pound shots or pop champagne?
Is it club shit? Is it thug shit? Man fuck getting tipsy get a bug twitch
On the rug with some slut bitch with your finger in her pussy while she rubs it
Run a train on the bitch she do it for team no running a game on a bitch
And I came on the tits getting brain from the bitch couldn't creampie I ain't aiming for kids
(Sandy Hook) I go insane on a bitch, she asked me for a molly I ain't to blame for this shit
Plus i came on the tits don't put my name on your lips explain the reason why her pussies painted with jizz
It's Deadly and menthol, our method is simple
Stack meth with some benzos and mess up your mental
Your mental (Six Six Sick) 3x
Get #rekt boi you been broke
Track Name: At Most Fear (Prod. Sharpe Music)
paranoia got to me, encephalopathy,
pop some pills then get the kill, nigga watch me stalk the streets,
am i psycho? possibly, i know the drugs have got to me,
this shit is real, you know the deal, my shit gets hard for rotten meat,
gunna roll then chop her feet, gutteral how i rock these beats,
im way too cold, your shit is stole, like nigga what you got for me?
fake ass fuckin rocky beats, you a$ap pussys wanna be?
aiit thats cool you copy B, but dont you fucking talk to me,

now look this man dont got no beef, but i fuck like to pop the teeth,
ill crack that, that ass crack, fucking force the sodomy,
i rock then pop my cock in sleeve, cold glock then pop in pocket see,
say stop i pop then knock the teeth, then stop and chop i got the beast,
dat six shit, ye sickness, like let me see that socket please,
then wrists slit ye sick shit, my cock giving lobotomy,
i know the cops are onto me, but torture chamber got to please,
my homies love the rocks and trees, and i love all the rotten meat,

i think the snipers looking into my window,
but still im on that, shit i want that, dem pills up in my skull,
i think the snipers looking into my window,
eyes on my back, I sniff lines back, fuck life shits too dull,

still poppin that vicodin, shit think that my mind is split,
im half way schiz ive lost my shit, it seems my life is off the skids,
but i dont mind another hit, another dip im on it bitch,
ill hit that bitch right on her clit ye punch that bitch right on her tits,
makin jank while poppin vics, makin bank by rockin this,
losin bitch u are a snitch, u rude as shit u wanted it,
tried to take me ya'll got hit, ya'll just fake b honest shit,
onit bitch, armed as shit, poppin rounds while chronic hits,

jealous niggas call it quits, fore i come and armbar kids,
im hardest bitch , grime as shit, fuckin grime like rined fetus,
fuckin rhyme like im the best, killin time im at yo neck,
grab the tech, ready set, goodbye life enjoy your next,
snitchins legacy you left, think you felt so big back then,
you niggas dead, now what my freind, you ate some lead, there goes yo head,
a rip off artist i get wet,tired niggas wanted rest,
i told him careful what you wish, cause now into peices i did rip,
Track Name: Good Night Feat. Tribe of Shapes and DobeyDob
done too many V's and now im feelin like im dreamin,
i gone lost reality im barely breathin scared of sleepin,
seem i gone from chopped to screwed, said take one i go take two,
and nah im scared im gonna die so damn stoned i just cant move,

floatin and im driftin i be starrin at them walls,
i been watchin that bitch shiftin nah my lids they start to fall,
but i know if i start slippin i aint goin be wakin up,
so im waitin till they fadin then i take a couple more,

i get comfortable off oxy, and it juxtaposed to bomb weed,
in my fuckin skull im noddin, am i fuckin done seem prolly,
aint gonna live to that next morn, say fuck it i gonna sniff more,
so then im crushin up like four, and then im closin up that door,

so i might seem suicidal im just tryina hide my problems,
and id rather die like michael then be livin life so light yo,
so i might go, whats a life tho? if you cant enjoy the hights so,
roll a mother fuckin kite spark that shit and say good night yo,

(Tribe of Shapes)

Acid tabs, acid tabs, scott free bitch, and I brought some wraps,
got that kush, got that kush, lookin at who?, yea, you're looking at us,
ecstasy that morphine bitch that ketamine im morphing into an Orpheus
of course bitch we all rockstars sleepy snorin

feelin faded so damn faded i forget i aint get paid and,
give a fuck if ima die i aint got shit to live for lately,
i get tired of them maybes, all dem lies and all dem fakers,
all them hater niggas face it, all u hatin niggas aint shit,

i say there is far more then one way to go blow your brain to nothin,
if it aint with barrel pumpin then its with a line of sumthin,
im so high i aint come down, thats like four years ago now,
i done burned so many brain cells why be worried bout that now,

i took a Chance i'll pay for that, aint same since i tasted that,
from K to dap, i tasted that, id trade my ma to take it back,
cant take it back so i ride it out, cant take it back so fuck it now,
pop a couple ups and a couple downs, been fuckin up so fuck it now,

i might seem suicidal im just tryina hide my problems,
and id rather die like michael then be livin life so light yo,
so i might go, whats a life tho? if you cant enjoy the hights so,
roll a mother fuckin kite spark that shit and say good night yo,
Track Name: Oblivion (Prod. Sharpe Music)
if u hear this sorry momma, but the slim he got a problem,
kidnap bitches rape and starve em, sick as shit get famous off em,
see me in front pages ima, hope you just dont take this wrong so,
please dont feel like you did wrong, the menthols mental sickness so,

dont blame yourself for the way things look, you raised him well i just over took,
he didnt have a chance i just made him hooked, he was weak so his hands they were made to cook,
up some bitches and operate for the crook that i am, so tried so hard just to put me away,
so he wasted a way when he tasted the yay so i take him away and i made him fillet,

but you knew he was gone but you kept hangin on so i kept hanging on in the hopes that you saw that the dope wasnt all,
there was more there were doors and your boy he was locked but he done too much wrong,
but its me that they want, forgive me ma, forgive me for the sins aint want,
but the cops dont care they cant blame them nah, im sick in the head and they doin they job,

nah the cops wanna knock, cops at the block, search for slim seem im caught for the rot,
theres a bitch in the back in the cuffs and it locked, fuck niggas gotta warrent and they got couple dogs,
they got a couple bitches and i got a couple too, got a couple niggas wanna shoot a nigga too,
searchin threw my room cause i dunno what to do, but ima grab the boom aint goin for a cruise.

paranoid thinkin get attacks in the bed, hear a noise sinkin the ax in your head,
bath full of red like im mac to the ten, in a bath full of lead cause the mac is my freind,
accident when? i slashed him again, and nigga shits bout to just happen again,
you was stackin the bread, then harassin me and, took out a shive to slash at your neck

oh shit, nigga stay calm, hear the cop siren its six in the morn,
and hear a bitch whinin she bitchin and moan, bout that time for the slim to go home,
back to the place were the living come from, no heavan or hell but obvlion so,
ready to go, fuck is a soul, all things fade and know mine has been gone,

mind has been gone, my grind been for non, it all ends now with my eye and a gun,
them cops they knock cant lie out this one, so pop that glock now time goin up,
loose my shit and the mind goin numb, its a fugue state bitch but im cryin through one,
cry in my eyes is a child missin mom, cause i know she die when findin her son,

oh shit, oh snap, back to reality realities bad,
due to causality im bound to be had, either bullet in the back or a room with the pads,
soon is the doom of the man who thought had master plan get away with the worst of the bad,
but a hurse isnt worse then a nurse and some straps so im straped with the gat and i blastin em back,

cause the cold white room was back in my past, aint goin back to it if they passed me some cash,
so they ass meet the gat when i capped three them cats, saw red flash and life i had passed,
no yin without yang no dark without light, this yin who could hang but he lost final fight,
lost in the end but get whole story, do what i want momento mori,

paranoid hearin a knock at the door, who the fuck is it your tryina search for,
cops at the door and i got me a whore im noided im bout to be locked up for horror,
lay on the floor, aimin for more, sprayin and prayin the fuck is tomorrow
aint go to jail i would rather get floored im bout to nigga who famous for gore,